--Loup River Boer Goats raises fullblood boer goats of unique coloring. We are conveniently located in Central Nebraska allowing us to easily distribute our boer goats to several locations across America. We strive to produce quality production boer goats for those interested in beginning or adding to their breeding herd as well as producing quality show goats that will compete in the show ring.


--In early 2016 we had made a huge transition from our predominately traditional colored doe base of fullbloods, percentages, and commercials to a herd consisting of all 100% fullblood registered dappled, spotted, solids, and paint boer does.  We decided to make this move in an attempt to produce more consistant colored offspring with color bred deep into both sides of the pedigrees. Along with adding color to the herd, we have kept the same emphasis on structural quality and maternal productivity.  Our herd consists of a wide variety of some of the color industry's big name producers; including Max Boer Goats, 3M Boer Goats, Lanham Farms, Tadita Color Boer Goats, 1st Avenue Acres, Bless'um Boers, Bon Joli Farm, and many more.

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