Max Boer Goats

I Explode

ABGA # 10685390

(DNA Verified through ABGA)

--The picture to the left is of I Explode as a yearling and the picture to the right is of I Explode as a weanling. (Pictures courtesy of Max Boer Goats)

Max Boer Goats Explosive Ruger (pictured to the left) is I Explode's sire and Max Boer Goats IHave Pizzaz (pictured to the right) is I Explode's dam.


Rodeo Cadillac

ABGA # 10700464

(DNA Verified through ABGA)

BLSM Cadillac Jack (pictured to the left) is "RC's" sire and Bon Joli Rodeo Drive (pictured to the right) is "RC's" dam.


Call of Duty

ABGA # 10708311

(DNA Verified through ABGA)

JRB3 Black Ops (pictured to the left) is "COD's" sire and RDA01 Black Delila (pictured to the right) is "COD's" dam.